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Frequently Asked Questions...

Below are some of the regular questions we are asked by horse owners. Please feel free to contact us if you have any further questions regarding haylage and our products - we will be happy to help and offer advice.

How big are your bales?

We are able to offer 4 different sized packages for our haylage.
  • The Haylage Pack
  • The Compact Bale
  • The Standard Bale
  • The Jumbo Bale
Click here for full details about all our products.

Will haylage make my horse too fizzy?

Haylage is ususally higher in energy and protein compared with hay. Care should be taken to reduce the amount of hard feed your horse recieves to counteract for this. If in doubt consult your vet before changing your horse's diet significantly

I want to change from hay to haylage, how is it best to do this?

As with any significant way in which you look after your horse, it is best to make changes gradually. Start by substituting a small proportion of hay for haylage and gradually increase the haylage and reduce the hay. Make sure your horse has access to enough haylage to satisfy its fibre requirements. As the haylage increases above 50% start reducing the hard feed.

How long can I leave a bale of haylage open before it goes off?

Once opened haylage will start to ferment aerobically and this will cause spoilage. This is known as secondary fermentation. Our bales are treated with Ecobale when baled which is a bacteria spray which reduces spoilage once opened. Higher dry matter haylage will keep longer once opened and cold temperatures will reduce secondary fermentation. We recommend that once opened, all the wrapping should be removed and that the bale is used within 10 days.

Can haylage be fed to laminitics?

Yes, haylage can be fed to laminitics, low energy and high fibre haylage such as a Timothy mix is low in residual sugars associate as a contributing factor of laminitis. As the sugars in the grass are fermented, haylage is usually lower in sugar than hay made from the same grass.

Old Manor Farm Haylage

Old Manor Farm Haylage

Old Manor Farm Haylage

Old Manor Farm Haylage

Old Manor Farm Haylage

Haylage based diets for all horses in average to heavy work will have an overall lower cost than hay. This is because haylage can provide much of the nutritional needs of your horse without the addition of lots of cereal based feed.
Old Manor Farm Haylage

Old Manor Farm Haylage

We source all our bedding from established suppliers in the UK and northern Europe and only supply shavings sourced from renewable forests. All are dust extracted and are available in quantities of 10 bales to 960 bale loads.
Old Manor Farm Haylage

Old Manor Farm Haylage

At Old Manor Farm we cut the same hay fields year after year and have a built up a great deal of experience over the years of how to get the best quality hay from different types of grasses including Meadow, Timothy & Ryegrass


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